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    Vocal Voyaging – Heart and Throat Chakras

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    This quick Video highlights an aspect of my “Vocal Voyaging” using a voice layering system! Every voice you hear is mine and all created in around 10 minutes, combining an ancient sanskrit mantra (in contemporary expression) and some channeled lyrics as I was inspired by the idea of the most powerful communication coming from the heart. “I know when I am able to align my purest truth – my deepest desires, joy and love – with my expression –  my words, songs and actions – I create more harmony and beauty in this world.”  One of the most crucial things to empower our Voice is to begin to Align our Hearts with our Throat Chakras!

    Tuning-In Exercise to Raise Frequency: As you listen to one of my Soul-Songs, Check in with your heart. Ask yourself what you would like to share with others, yourself and/or your community. Allow images and sounds to surface and play three dimensionally like a movie in your mind. As warmth is generated in your heart and as you focus and direct this energy toward your throat, generate a sustained “Ahhhhhhh” tone….See your communication as free, pure and completely directed from your heart and creating positive impressions on all!

    Journal your insights and anything you would like to remember.

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